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It seems Google Play Consoles 100% Staged Rollouts is not the same as a Full Release.

I released my app (version 1) a while ago.

The first update (version 2) rolled out with 20%, later updated to 50, then 100%. Today I released version 3 (again as a staged rollout), and recognised the previous release (version 2 with 100% staged rollout) is shown as "rollout stopped". When I view my app in the Store it is listed as version 1 - not as version 2 as i expected.

As it somehow seems to not be the same:

How do I convert a staged rollout that reached 100% to a full release?

Edit: More details

V2 got released (Step 2) and as it worked as intended i upped it to 100% (Step 3-4)

Now V3 is done. I created a release and rolled it out to 20%, expecting to get Step 5a, but got 5b, where new users would get an older version of my app.

How do i change the "Primary" version from V1 to V2, to get state (5a) the I expected?

Version steps

What my App-Releases view in the Play Console looks like (German UI): App-Releases view in the Play Console

The help documents are here.

"Rollout stopped" means you halted a staged rollout. This prevents any more users getting the staged rollout, even if the percentage is 100%. You should only normally do this for an emergency fix situation, when your staged rollout shows you you are breaking users.

To get a rollout out of the "rollout stopped" state see section "Resume a staged rollout" in the help documentation:

Using the Play Console website

  • Sign in to your Play Console.
    • Select an app.
    • On the left menu, click Release management > App releases.
    • For the release that you want to resume, click Resume roll-out.
    • Select a percentage.
    • Click Update.

Using the Play Console app

  • Open the Play Console app Console app.
    • Select an app.
    • On the 'Active releases' card, tap the track for the release that you want to halt.
    • Tap Staged roll-out > Resume roll-out > Resume.
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    • Thanks for your help! I still couldn't figure out how to solve my problem. As there were no problems with my Version 2 I rolled it out to 100%. Now with Version 3 coming i rolled that out to 20% - this seems to have stopped the rollout of V2, leading to a state where 80% of the users get the older Version 1. How can change it in a way that Version 2 is the "Store version"? I edited my initial post for more details.