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call list of function using list comprehension

can I call a list of functions and use list comprehension?

def func1():return 1
def func2():return 2
def func3():return 3

fl = [func1,func2,func3]


I know I can do

for f in fl:

but can I do below ?

[f() for f in fl]

A additional question for those kind people, if my list of functions is in class, for example

class F:

    def __init__(self):
        self.a, self.b, self.c = 0,0,0

    def func1(self):
        self.a += 1

    def func2(self):
        self.b += 1

    def func3(self):
        self.c += 1

    fl = [func1,func2,func3]

fobj= F()

for f in fobj.fl:

does it work?

Of course you can as Fábio Diniz said :), However for the class method when used as a callable, an object must be given as an argument:

fobj= F()

for f in fobj.fl:

The object must be given as an argument to the callable because when you look at the definition of the method def funcX(self): the method needs one argument "self"

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