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Python - OpenCV - imread - Displaying Image

I am currently working on reading an image and displaying it to a window. I have successfully done this, but upon displaying the image, the window only allows me to see a portion of the full image. I tried saving the image after loading it, and it saved the entire image. So I am fairly certain that it is reading the entire image.

imgFile = cv.imread('1.jpg')

cv.imshow('dst_rt', imgFile)

Image: image

Screenshot: screenshot

Looks like the image is too big and the window simply doesn't fit the screen. Create window with the cv2.WINDOW_NORMAL flag, it will make it scalable. Then you can resize it to fit your screen like this:

from __future__ import division
import cv2

img = cv2.imread('1.jpg')

screen_res = 1280, 720
scale_width = screen_res[0] / img.shape[1]
scale_height = screen_res[1] / img.shape[0]
scale = min(scale_width, scale_height)
window_width = int(img.shape[1] * scale)
window_height = int(img.shape[0] * scale)

cv2.namedWindow('dst_rt', cv2.WINDOW_NORMAL)
cv2.resizeWindow('dst_rt', window_width, window_height)

cv2.imshow('dst_rt', img)

According to the OpenCV documentation CV_WINDOW_KEEPRATIO flag should do the same, yet it doesn't and it's value not even presented in the python module.

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In openCV whenever you try to display an oversized image or image bigger than your display resolution you get the cropped display. It's a default behaviour.
In order to view the image in the window of your choice openCV encourages to use named window. Please refer to namedWindow documentation

The function namedWindow creates a window that can be used as a placeholder for images and trackbars. Created windows are referred to by their names.

cv.namedWindow(name, flags=CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE) where each window is related to image container by the name arg, make sure to use same name


import cv2
frame = cv2.imread('1.jpg')
cv2.namedWindow("Display 1")
cv2.resizeWindow("Display 1", 300, 300)
cv2.imshow("Display 1", frame)
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    • @javadba your right, CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE is not recommended when we explicitly invoke resizeWindow() thanks for catching that!

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