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Bold font weight for LaTeX axes label in matplotlib

In matplotlib you can make the text of an axis label bold by


You can also use LaTeX with the right backend


When you combine them however, the math text is not bold anymore


Nor do the following LaTeX commands seem to have any effect

plt.xlabel(r'$\bf \phi$')

How can I make a bold $\phi$ in my axis label?

Unfortunately you can't bold symbols using the bold font, see this question on tex.stackexchange.

As the answer suggests, you could use \boldsymbol to bold phi:


You'll need to load amsmath into the TeX preamble:

matplotlib.rc('text', usetex=True)
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    • This does not work: ValueError: oldsymbol{phi} ^ Unknown symbol: oldsymbol (at char 0), (line:1, col:1) perhaps it requires that we need amsmath loaded? Have you tested this on your machine?
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    • @Hooked I think including a preamble should work as described here: matplotlib.rc('text', usetex=True), matplotlib.rcParams['text.latex.preamble']=[r"usepackage{amsmath}"]. Unfortunately I can't test yet, will update when I have.

If you intend to have consistently bolded fonts throughout the plot, the best way may be to enable latex and add \boldmath to your preamble:

# Optionally set font to Computer Modern to avoid common missing font errors
matplotlib.rc('font', family='serif', serif='cm10')

matplotlib.rc('text', usetex=True)
matplotlib.rcParams['text.latex.preamble'] = [r'\boldmath']

Then your axis or figure labels can have any mathematical latex expression and still be bold:

plt.xlabel(r'$\frac{\phi + x}{2}$')

However, for portions of labels that are not mathematical, you'll need to explicitly set them as bold:

plt.ylabel(r'\textbf{Counts of} $\lambda$'}
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As this answer Latex on python: \alpha and \beta don't work? points out. You may have a problem with \b so \boldsymbol may not work as anticipated. In that case you may use something like: '$ \\\boldsymbol{\\\beta} $' in your python code. Provided you use the preamble plt.rcParams['text.latex.preamble']=[r"\usepackage{amsmath}"]

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    • Thank you for this input (on a 4 year old question!), but using r in front of a string should help escape the . The answer provided by @AndyHayden works fine and identifies the problem.

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