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I find myself often having to check whether a column or row exists in a dataframe before trying to reference it. For example I end up adding a lot of code like:

if 'mycol' in df.columns and 'myindex' in df.index: x = df.loc[myindex, mycol]
else: x = mydefault

Is there any way to do this more nicely? For example on an arbitrary object I can do x = getattr(anobject, 'id', default) - is there anything similar to this in pandas? Really any way to achieve what I'm doing more gracefully?

There is a method for Series:

So you could do:

df.mycol.get(myIndex, NaN)


In [117]:

df = pd.DataFrame({'mycol':arange(5), 'dummy':arange(5)})
   dummy  mycol
0      0      0
1      1      1
2      2      2
3      3      3
4      4      4

[5 rows x 2 columns]
In [118]:

print(df.mycol.get(2, NaN))
print(df.mycol.get(5, NaN))
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    • I was also able to get it to work when the index is known to exist: df.loc['myindex'].get('mycol', NaN) A shame that you still need to be sure that one of the index or column exists, but nonetheless this will be useful in a lot of scenarios. Thank you!

Python has this mentality to ask for forgiveness instead of permission. You'll find a lot of posts on this matter, such as this one.

In Python catching exceptions is relatively inexpensive, so you're encouraged to use it. This is called the EAFP approach.

For example:

    x = df.loc['myindex', 'mycol']
except KeyError:
    x = mydefault
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    • Perhaps I should use more EAFP, but my personal preference is to save try/excepts for when there's no other easy choice. Thanks though.

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