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I'm adding this solution for people who make the same mistake as I did.

In most cases: rename your project file 'serial.py' and delete serial.pyc if exists, then you can do simple 'import serial' without attribute error.

Problem occurs when you import 'something' when your python file name is 'something.py'.

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    • this answer should be #1, I had also the same problem. an alternative appearing error is AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'SerialException
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    • Additional point for GAE users - try flushing memcache. Somehow ran into this and got stumped for ages after moving a model to a different file. Not sure what was cached that caused it, but it flush fixed it.
    • Wow, I never would have come up with this solution, thank you so much. Just sat here staring and indeed, I had an artifact .pyc file that was importing itself.

I accidentally installed 'serial' (sudo python -m pip install serial) instead of 'pySerial' (sudo python -m pip install pyserial), which lead to the same error.

If the previously mentioned solutions did not work for you, double check if you installed the correct library.

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You're importing the module, not the class. So, you must write:

from serial import Serial

You need to install serial module correctly: pip install pyserial.

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You have installed the incorrect package named 'serial'.

  • Run pip uninstall serial for python 2.x or pip3 uninstall serial for python 3.x
  • Then install pyserial if not already installed by running pip install pyserial for python 2.x orpip3 install pyserial for python 3.x.
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Yes this topic is a bit old but i wanted to share the solution that worked for me for those who might need it anyway

As Ali said, try to locate your program using the following from terminal :

 sudo python3
 import serial

print(serial.__file__) --> Copy

CTRL+D #(to get out of python)

sudo python3-->paste/__init__.py

Activating __init__.py will say to your program "ok i'm going to use Serial from python3". My problem was that my python3 program was using Serial from python 2.7

Other solution: remove other python versions


Sources : https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/74742/python-serial-serial-module-not-found-error/85930#85930


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