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Python Mechanize select a form with no name

I am attempting to have mechanize select a form from a page, but the form in question has no "name" attribute in the html. What should I do? when I try to use

br.select_form(name = "")

I get errors that no form is declared with that name, and the function requires a name input. There is only one form on the page, is there some other way I can select that form?



to select the first form

In Mechanize source,

def select_form(self, name=None, predicate=None, <b>nr=None</b>):
    nr, if supplied, is the sequence number of the form (where 0 is the
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If you want to execute code for multiple forms no matter what their name is, you can loop over every form letting your script knowing which form will work next.

currentForm = 0
for form in br.forms(): # Iterate over the forms
        br.select_form(nr = currentForm) # Select the form
        The code you want to run for every form
        currentForm += 1 # Add 1 to the current working form so the script knows what form is working next
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