I have an Android app in Google Play store.

I've discovered trough various Fabric events that somebody is reverse engeenering my app.

I have a piracy checker which triggers if somebody installs the app not from the Google Play store, and he also made numerous IAPs without the payment being paid.

I know both of these things by Fabric custom events.

I also get false new user alarms from a Xiaomi phone, which is far a typical sympthom when somebody is launching the application many times - like when changing and trying the code again and again.

As far as I know:

Reverse engineering for your own fun is absolutely legal.

But what if the guy decides he re-publish my app with some numbers and paramteres changed with some reskin?

Also he have bought about 100 IAPS that would cost like 270$, but it was free for him because he changed the code.

Is it legal? Could I report it to Google or something?

Thanks in advance


Yes, you should definitely kick off the process. If this is uploaded to the Play Store, it's an unlawful event as they will be stealing your IAP's.

If you can prove that they are using your code, it's a copyright violation and you should visit the guide at https://support.google.com/legal/answer/3110420 and follow the steps to report this right away.

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    • You automatically have copyright over any work you do and if someone is stealing it, it's a violation of the Play Store rules. Google can't do anything about it if you don't report it. The terms and conditions you should show your users have nothing to do with the Google terms and conditions, so don't worry about that.

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