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DeviceOrientation API not working on Cordova/Android

I have a Cordova app, which I'm building for both iOS and Android. I'm using the HTML5 DeviceOrientation API (https://w3c.github.io/deviceorientation/) to obtain the device's orientation.

I install an event listener for "deviceorientation", and then process the event.alpha/beta/gamma values to determine orientation.

This works fine on iOS, but on Android it doesn't work. On Android, the "deviceorientation" event occurs only once, and the alpha/beta/gamma values are all null. Changing orientation after that does not result in any new events.

Has anyone experienced this? Any pointers on how I can debug?

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    • So, I've found that this is only an issue with the Samsung J3 that I was using to test. I tried on other Android phones (at least the Pixel), and it worked fine. Anyone know why the J3 is different? Is it possible that it does not have accelerators?