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symfony redirect with 2 parameters

how can i redirect to another action passing 2 or more parameters? this code:

$this->redirect('input/new?year=' . $year . '&month=' . $month);

results in URL:


Well, that's normal, "redirect" redirect to an absolute URL. You can do that:

$this->redirect($this->generateUrl('default', array('module' => 'input',
'action' => 'new', 'year' => $year, 'month' => $month)));
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    • If you have a route defined, you can actually use $this->redirectToRoute('routename', ['param1' => 'value', ['param2' => 'value'])
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    • If you have a route defined, you can replace 'default' by its name, and change the second parameter with the routes's parameters, if needed.

You can also use redirect, specifying the route name and the parameter array:

$this->redirect('route_name', array('year' => $year, 'month' => $month));

(Tested on Symfony 1.4)

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$this->redirect('input/new/year/' . $year . '/month/' . $month);
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