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How to get html code of DOMElement node? [duplicate]

Use the optional argument to DOMDocument::saveHTML: this says "output this element only".

return $node->ownerDocument->saveHTML($node);

Note that the argument is only available from PHP 5.3.6. Before that, you need to use DOMDocument::saveXML instead. The results may be slightly different. Also, if you already have a reference to the document, you can just do this:

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    • This is actually what I need but it's for an WordPress plugin which should work with version 3.4 and this versions requires php 5.2.4.
    • u point me to a full example? I don't have a reference of the document in the function only the node and DOMDocument::saveXML($node) is not working same as $node->saveXML($node)
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    • ok, great thanks! Is there a documentation what is different to saveHTML and which php version is required?

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