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How to remove these horizontal lines in PHPStorm?

How to remove these horizontal lines in PHPStorm?

enter image description here

I must have searched through the entire Settings window, but I can't seem to find it. Is it even possible to remove them?

Generally speaking there are two kinds of such separators:

  1. Actual method separators -- they appear before method/function body. I do not see them on your screenshot so you must have removed them already.

    If someone needs it's controlled by Settings/Preferences | Editor | General | Appearance | Show method separators.

  2. Other separators -- before class/namespace/etc. Those are visible on your screenshot.

Thing is -- you cannot "remove" them in the same way -- only mask (make invisible). For that:

  1. Settings/Preferences
  2. Editor | Color Scheme | General
  3. Code | Method separator color

Either remove any assigned colors (try this first) or assign the same color as background.

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    • Note that in PhpStorm 8, they can in fact be disabled/removed (which sounds more intuitive): that's in Editor > General > Appearance > "Show method separators".
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    • @Sygmoral That's for method separators only -- will do nothing for namespaces and classes separators (which is what the original request is about -- see screenshot).
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    • Ahh apologies, you're right of course. It confused me a little that your solution uses the "Method separator color". Not the most intuitive setting in PhpStorm!

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