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I'm simply trying to fetch all records in a given table by extending Zend AbstractTableGateway and making use of inherited select() function. this select() function returns type Zend ResultSet however I'm not able get an array of results using toArray().

I get the following message:

Rows as part of this DataSource, with type object cannot be cast to an array


I worked it out

assuming you have extended AbstractTableGateway

$resultSet = $this->select();
foreach($resultSet as $row) { echo $row->yourProperty }

You should use HydratingResultSet like this :

class MyClassTable extends AbstractTableGateway
    public function __construct(Adapter $adapter)
    $this->adapter = $adapter;
    $this->resultSetPrototype = new HydratingResultSet();
    $this->resultSetPrototype->setObjectPrototype(new MyClass());

public function fetchAll()
    $resultSet = $this->select();
    return $resultSet;

public function fetchAllToArray()
    $aData = $this->fetchAll()->toArray();
    return $aData;
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You can also try this

$sql = new Sql($adapter);

$select = $sql->select();


$statement = $sql->prepareStatementForSqlObject($select); 

$results = $statement->execute();

$resultSet = new ResultSet();


With Zend\Db\ResultSet\ResultSet;

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Mine issue was as @Fatmuemoo noted.

If you register your custom object prototype, code eg.

$resultSetPrototype = new ResultSet($entityClassName, new $entityClassName);

you have to implement toArray() method in yout Entity class.

public function toArray()
    return get_object_vars($this);
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