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PHP add up two time variables

In my PHP application I want to calculate the sum of two time variables. I am looking for something like this example.

$time1 = 15:20:00;
$time2 = 00:30:00;
$time = $time1+$time2;

The best way to do this is most likely to use strtotime to convert them to timestamps and then do the adding together:

$o = strtotime($time1)+strtotime($time2);

If I remember right strtotime does support this format.

Otherwise you will need to filter it out yourself.

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If the answer you expect is 15:50:00 and you want to use strtotime and date functions, you need to subtract the seconds $time1 and $time2 share when you transform them to unix timestamps:

$time1 = '15:20:00';
$time2 = '00:30:00';
$time = strtotime($time1) + strtotime($time2) - strtotime('00:00:00');
$time = date('H:i:s', $time);
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    • This is great and simple but it would be more relevant if you can provide further explanations about subtracting that 0 value time.

Following answer does not return correct value. It is summing integers but not returned correct time.

$o = strtotime($time1)+strtotime($time2);

I created a function to get calculated time as follows.

public function addTwoTimes($time1 = "00:00:00", $time2 = "00:00:00"){
        $time2_arr = [];
        $time1 = $time1;
        $time2_arr = explode(":", $time2);
        if(isset($time2_arr[0]) && $time2_arr[0] != ""){
            $time1 = $time1." +".$time2_arr[0]." hours";
            $time1 = date("H:i:s", strtotime($time1));
        if(isset($time2_arr[1]) && $time2_arr[1] != ""){
            $time1 = $time1." +".$time2_arr[1]." minutes";
            $time1 = date("H:i:s", strtotime($time1));
        if(isset($time2_arr[2]) && $time2_arr[2] != ""){
            $time1 = $time1." +".$time2_arr[2]." seconds";
            $time1 = date("H:i:s", strtotime($time1));

        return date("H:i:s", strtotime($time1));
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You could use the PHP 5.3 DateInterval:

$timeInterval = DateInterval::createFromDateString( '15 hours + 20 minutes' );
$timeInterval2 = DateInterval::createFromDateString( '30 minutes' );

foreach( str_split( 'ymdhis' ) as $prop )
    $timeInterval->$prop += $timeInterval2->$prop;
var_dump( $timeInterval->format( '%H:%i:%s' ) );

(How to add to DateInterval objects was explained here: How we can add two date intervals in PHP)

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As far as I can tell, Sammaye's answer did't work out for me.

I needed to start the time I wanted to add with the start of the UNIX timestamp. This way, strtotime returns the seconds that need to be added to the first time.

$time1 = "15:20:00";
$time2 = "1970-01-01 00:30:00";
$time = strtotime($time1) + (strtotime($time2) + 3600);
echo $time . "<br />";
echo date("H:i:s", $time);
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