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How do you create a REST API in PHP? [closed]

It's pretty easy when you understand the fundamentals. Basically you want controllers mapped to actions that modify data, whether that data's in a database, XML file, CSV file, text file depends on your models.

I created a simple API framework starter that you can take a look at and get started with: https://github.com/martinbean/api-framework

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    • @MartinBean I realise this comes a little later, but is your framework linked above simply a 'starter' for basing your own API on or does it independently handle everything like I've seen many other frameworks do?
    • @KristianMatthews It's literally a starter; you build your API on it how you wish. It doesn't assume anything about what your database setup or whatever is. You create your controllers and models; it handles the requests and responses, and is lightweight enough to be extended and built upon.

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