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name Punditsdkoslkdosdkoskdo

suddenly, getUser became to return 0.(PHP 3.1.1 SDK)

Only 10 hours ago, if I call $facebook->getUser(), I can get the correct user_id, but now, it always returns 0. Of cource, I have not changed my code.

There is another strange point.

redirect_url contains:


I can't release the site.. Please help!

I think this is a Facebook bug, I just finished figuring it out myself. You need to alter the Base_Facebook class, and add in a new query param to strip out. The base_domain param is being accidentally appended to the redirect url, hopefully a fix will be rolled out soon.

   * List of query parameters that get automatically dropped when rebuilding
   * the current URL.
  protected static $DROP_QUERY_PARAMS = array(
    'base_domain', // this is the one you need to add
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