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I m entering date in front end as 10:00 AM , 12:00 PM etc...( means 12 Hours format). now I want to save that value in database in time datatype column. How do I save that AM PM value into time datatype in MySQL and again want to display time appending AM PM on front end?

To insert:

# replace first argument of STR_TO_DATE with value from PHP/frontend
TIME( STR_TO_DATE( '10:00 PM', '%h:%i %p' ) );

To select:

# replace first argument with your time field
TIME_FORMAT( '22:00:00', '%h:%i %p' );

I'll just go ahead and presume you use mysql lib functions.

// first sanitize the $_POST input
// also, make sure you use quotes to identify the $_POST keys
$open = mysql_real_escape_string( $_POST[ 'MondayOpen' ] );
$close = mysql_real_escape_string( $_POST[ 'MondayClose' ] );

// this is the query, which should work just fine.
$sql = '
        `day_name` = "Monday",
        `day_open_time` = TIME( STR_TO_DATE( "' . $open . '", "%h:%i %p" ) ),
        `day_close_time` = TIME( STR_TO_DATE( "' . $close . '", "%h:%i %p" ) )

$result = mysql_query( $sql );

Then to retrieve the values:

$sql = '
        TIME_FORMAT( `day_open_time`, "%h:%i %p" ) as day_open_time_formatted,
        TIME_FORMAT( `day_close_time`, "%h:%i %p" ) as day_close_time_formatted
        `day_name` = "Monday"

$resultset = mysql_query( $sql );

This will return a result set where the formatted data is in the *_formatted fields

Adjusted %m (month) to %i (minutes). A thank you to Donny for the well spotted slip up.

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This is the solution In your view----- $('#schedule_time' + ).datetimepicker({pickDate: false, format: 'h:m A', minTime: new Date(), useCurrent: false, autoClose: false});

when insert into datbase ----'schedule_time' => date('H:i:s', strtotime($this->input->post('schedule_time'))),

when show ---------

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