For solve problem, first install php-gd module on your system. After that open php.ini on your editor and search for ; and remove the heading ; sign. Then restart your apache service ;).

For Arch Linux you can do followings (Lines that begins with # are command of terminal):

  • # pacman -S php-gd
  • # vim /etc/php/php.ini
  • Press / and type gd then press Enter
  • Find ; and convert it into by moving cursor on ; sign and press x
  • Press Esc and type :wq and press Enter
  • # systemctl restart httpd.service
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As suggested in the comments.

The contact form contains a .png picture in the form of a captcha image. The captcha image is used there to prevent spam being send via the contact form.

  • You can edit the view page and remove the captcha
  • You can install php-gd or php-imagick extension
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Infact in Windows 10 environment, installed with WAMP Server, it was a matter of copying php.ini file to C:\wamp64\bin\apache\apache2.4.27\bin\

It was missing at that location.

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