I am trying to use Eloquent to get a specific product that has a brand_id column that maps to a brands table, the brand array is coming back empty.

Is there anything obvious here that needs to be changed?

$product = Product::with('images')->with('brand')->select($fields)->where('display', '=', 1)->find($id);

//Product model

class Product extends Eloquent {
    public function brand()
        return $this->belongsTo('Brand');

//Brand model

class Brand extends Eloquent {
public function products()
    return $this->hasMany('Product');

You have this:

$product = Product::with('images', 'brand')
                  ->where('display', 1)

You are getting null for brand and it could be because you have some specific fields and most probably you didn't select the foreing_key from the products table that creates the relationship with Brand, so if your products table contains the foreign_key (probably brand_id) of brand table then you have to select that foreign_key from the products table too. So, just add that foreign_key/brand_id in the $fields variable. Without the relation builder key (FK) the Brand won't be loaded.

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    • Just to tack this on here - if you're specifying any columns with your "with" statements, you'll need to make sure you include the "id" column, or else you'll get null again. I assume "id" is required to match to the foreign key - but that's something I would have just assumed that the "with" statement did on its own.

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