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I'm trying to get the debug bar in Yii2 to show on my staging server but for some reason it isn't showing.

Here is code from my web.php config file:

if (YII_ENV_DEV) {
    // configuration adjustments for 'dev' environment
    $config['bootstrap'][] = 'debug';
    $config['modules']['debug'] = [
                                   'class' => 'yii\debug\Module',
                                   'allowedIPs' => ['','::1','']

    $config['bootstrap'][] = 'gii';
    $config['modules']['gii'] = 'yii\gii\Module';
} obviously is just an example for the server's real IP.

I get the servers IP by doing:

$host = gethostname();
$server_ip = gethostbyname($host);

If I try and access the debug page by going to:


I get the message: You are not allowed to access this page.

I am sure I had this working before but now it's not working for some reason and I can't figure out why!?

I'm aware there are debug data files (not sure if they will contain any info on why I can't see it) but I am not sure how I can view the data properly?

i know this is old but it may help someone now since this isn't very clear anywhere on the web.

We used to have this problem a lot when deploying to test and dev servers. Add this to your main-local.php

if (!YII_ENV_TEST) {
    // configuration adjustments for 'dev' environment
    $config['bootstrap'][] = 'debug';
    $config['modules']['debug'] = [
        'class' => 'yii\debug\Module',
        'allowedIPs' => ['*']
    $config['bootstrap'][] = 'gii';
    $config['modules']['gii'] = [
    'class' => 'yii\gii\Module',


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