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I suppose the answer is no but I am asking to be sure. SensioGeneratorBundle contains a command to generate entities. Do you know if it can generate the mappings for a one2Many or Many2Many field? Is there any project that implements this?

The only example I found:

 php app/console doctrine:generate:entity --entity=AcmeBlogBundle:Blog/Post --format=annotation --fields="title:string(255) body:text" --with-repository --no-interaction

Many thanks

I know this is old... but this could help some people.

Here is a Symfony3 bundle that can generate Doctrine 2 associations, including a one-to-many relationship:



  • Handles all Doctrine2 association types (OneToOne, OneToMany, ManyToOne, ManyToMany).
  • Handles unidirectional and bidirectional associations.
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    • Well whoever downvoted then.. let's just people know this is actually a good answer. (i did not say "the"). I think the answer is clear enough now. Thanks for noticing me.

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