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React Native Picker not updating state

I am developing a react native app. in that i am using picker to select item and update a state. M problem is picker is not updating the state below is my code



    getPickerElements() {
        var pickerArr = [];
        data.forEach((child, itemIndex) => {
            pickerArr.push(<Picker.Item label={child.storeName} value={child.storeId} key={itemIndex}/>)

        return pickerArr;


        onValueChange={(itemvalue) =>{
            this.setState({category: itemvalue})

        {/* -------------------Dynamic Picker Data------------------ */}
        {/* -------------------------------------------------------- */}

For the record the 'data' have data and drop down working properly

onValueChange requires change in values, in case of react native we need to provide a default value (selected value) which ,ight be options from our data, or just a label item . So that every other items when picked will invoke the onvaluechange methid.

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It is the problem with the native picker itself. i added only one item first. the first item will not setState in react native android. when i add 2 item and select second one it worked fine

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