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How to a xml string to an string output

Using Android Studio and I would like to know how to get "months" to pick up a string from xml string please. (Just learning android at the moment). Need to pick up from strings.xml as I need to translate that to another language.

else if (human_year == 0) {
        return Integer.toString(Math.round(human_month)) + " months";

output: years - which can be translated into Spanish (this is working have set up a button to translate) currently all words linked back to a string.xml are being translated. As this "months" is not attached to a string it is not being translated.

First declare "months" in

English strings (default locale), /values/strings.xml

    <string name="myStringMonths">months</string>

then for spanish

Spanish strings (es locale), /values-es/strings.xml:

    <string name="myStringMonths">meses</string>

then in your code take it as below:

else if (human_year == 0) {
        return  String.format("%d", Math.round(human_month)) + getString(R.id.myStringMonths);
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Use a "Quantity String" for this.

Create a plurals.xml files in your Resources directory. Then populate it with something along the lines of:

    <plurals name="months">
        <item quantity="one">%1$d month</item>
        <item quantity="other">%1$d months</item>

You can create a different file for different locales.

You can then access it in your code with:

final int months = Math.round(human_month);
return resources.getQuantityString(R.plurals.months, months, months)
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    • in this case, it's a final local variable... where it's kind of verbosity overkill. there are situations, where the compiler produces less code, due to optimization - but on the other hand, the GC handles these differently. the values can still be mutated, it's only the reference to them that is final.