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I'm currently using an Android device (of Samsung), Pydroid 3.
I tried to see any graphs, but it doesn't works.
When I run the code, it just shows me a black-blank screen temporarily and then goes back to the source code editing window.
(means that i can't see even terminal screen, which always showed me [Program Finished])

Well, even the basic sample code which Pydroid gives me doesn't show me the graph :(
I've seen many tutorials which successfully showed graphs, but well, mine can't do that things.
Unfortunately, cannot grab any errors.
Using same code which worked at Windows, so don't think the code has problem.
Of course, matplotlib is installed, numpy is also installed.
If there's any possible problems, please let me know.

    • Having the same problem. If you import matplotlib you lose access to the terminal, so cant see anything printed

I also had this problem a while back, and managed to fix it by using plt.show() at the end of your code. With matplotlib.pyplot as plt.

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    • while this fixes the showing problem, you still cant see the terminal with this (in case you wanted to show some info if the graph isn't what you expected)

I'm having similar problem with matplotlib in Pydroid3. My cellphone is a Motorola. In my case, the code executes completely without errors, but the plot window even opens. Follow my code (of course seaborn (as sns) was installed and imported, as much matplotlib.pyplot as plt):

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    • It worked. It was not exactly what I had in mind because there are some graphs to be plotted and I was expecting to see then as a pop up window.