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Android studio 3.4 does not launch app on run

I installed Android Studio 3.4 on a new laptop (Macbook), and running the app configuration now only installs the APK, but does not run the specified Activity.

  • The Activity is marked as android.intent.action.MAIN and android.intent.category.LAUNCHER
  • The Run configuration is set up to launch the Default activity. Also tried specifying the exact Activity to run, no use.
  • As per some other S/O threads, tried disabling Instant run, that did not help.
  • Launching the Activity through adb works - am start -n cz.melkamar.pkg/cz.melkamar.pkg.MainActivity
  • Tried downgrading to AS 3.3.2, still nothing.
  • Created a fresh project, running that still did not launch the default Activity

I'm at a loss, any idea which settings/configs I should look at?