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How to remove chromium log in Android Studio (LogCat)

When I open the webview Cordova (app in release mode) The logcat show these logs I/chromium: [INFO: CONSOLE(1)] source http://.....

How to remove these logs into my application "I/chromium: [INFO: CONSOLE(1)], in Android Studio (LogCat)? Thanks

It's possible. Using Console APIs in WebView

Just override WebViewClient for your WebView like this:

val myWebView: WebView = findViewById(R.id.webview)
myWebView.webChromeClient = object : WebChromeClient() {

override fun onConsoleMessage(consoleMessage: ConsoleMessage?): Boolean {
    consoleMessage?.apply {
        Log.d("MyApplication", "${message()} -- From line ${lineNumber()} of ${sourceId()}")
    return true
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    • The important part is to return "true" instead of "super.onConsoleMessage(consoleMessage)" like the default override.