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I am building a react-native android app in gitlab-ci using the reactnativecommunity/react-native-android docker image. If i understood correctly, react-native needs watchman in order to build the bundle.

But I noticed that watchman is not installed on the docker image and I don't install it in the .gitlab-ci.yml. Also, when I add which watchman or watchman watch-del-all to the .gitlab-ci.yml, it returns watchman: command not found.

But how is react-native then able to build the bundle?

in the yml script you have to install watchman. Following are the steps to follow for the same

  - apt-get --quiet install --yes autoconf automake build-essential
  - apt-get --quiet install --yes python-dev libtool pkg-config libssl-dev
  - git clone https://github.com/facebook/watchman.git
  - cd watchman
  - git checkout v4.9.0
  - ./autogen.sh
  - ./configure --enable-lenient
  - make
  - make install
  - cd ..
  - watchman --version
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