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Configuring IIS7 for TLS 1.0 only

I have been tasked with configuring an IIS7 server to accept TLS 1.0 HTTPS connections only.

I have come up with the following list of cipher suites which I have deduced are TLS 1.0.


I have put that list in the box in the following policy: Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Network | SSL Configuration Settings | SSL Cipher Suite Order

Is that sufficient? Are any of the suites in my list not TLS 1.0? Are there any other TLS 1.0 suites supported by IIS7 that aren't in the list?

The server, by the way, is Windows Server 2008 R2.


A company called Nartac software makes a free IIS Crypto configuration tool that can be used to enable/disable protocols and cipher suites in IIS on Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012. It also comes with templates for configuring IIS to be FIPS 140.2 compliant, integrates with the Qualys SSL site analyzer for testing public urls, and has a list of other validation tools that can be used to validate internal sites.

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