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https with name of company in address bar

I don't know how to name it, so I can't search for it.

I have a website with a Let's encrypt SSL certificate running with nginx and I would like to display the name of the company in the address bar like this: enter image description here

Is it possible with Let's encrypt? I've seen it only for banks, maybe it's too complicated.

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    • Side note: You almost certainly don't need one. You'll note that Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. don't bother with them.

It's not possible with Let's Encrypt. You need to buy an extended validation certificate with a commercial registrar, provide documentation to prove your identity and prepare to pay a large sum of money for this.

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    • …not only "provide documentation" but also undergo a formal validation process requiring answering phone calls by several persons in one's enterprise and being listed in one or more official "enterprise directories" (such as Yellow Pages FWIW). A boring and time-consuming process :-)
    • You can get a Geotrust True BusinessID EV certificate for around $130 a year or a Comodo PositiveSSL EV certificate for around $77 a year, prices found here - I have no affiliation with that site. Those are for single-domain certs, multi-domain certs cost more. The price premium is justified by the work they have to do to prove your business's identity.

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