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How to know the size of a file before downloading it?

I have to download a file and I'm using this code, which is basically an AsyncTask that is meant to update a progress bar. But, since I don't know what's the file size I've been having to use the spinner progress bar. So, how can I get the file size before start downloading it so that I can use a normal progress bar?

    • Note that you should call urlConnection.connect() before attempting to access the Content-Length header. Not doing so might work, but not under all possible circumstances.
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    • Didn't know that... it worked that way for me, but thanks for your advice. I'm going to edit the answer.

you can get a header called Content-Length form the HTTP Response object that you get, this will give you the length of the file. you should note though, that some servers don't return that information, and the only way to know the actual size is to read everything from the response.


URL url = new URL("http://server.com/file.mp3");
URLConnection urlConnection = url.openConnection();
int file_size = urlConnection.getContentLength();
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    • You should use getContentLengthLong() instead of getContentLength() for Android 7 and above. Below that prefer using Long.parseLong(urlConnection.getHeaderField("content-length"))

you can usually use getContentLength , but the best thing is it get the length by yourself (since it can bypass integer's max value) .

just parse the content-length header value by yourself . better parse it as long .


final URL uri=new URL(...);
URLConnection ucon;
  final String contentLengthStr=ucon.getHeaderField("content-length");
catch(final IOException e1)

do note that i can be any string , so use try catch , and if it's -1, empty , or null , it means that you can't know the size of the file since the server doesn't allow it.

EDIT: Here's a more updated code, using Kotlin:

fun getFileSizeOfUrl(url: String): Long {
    var urlConnection: URLConnection? = null
    try {
        val uri = URL(url)
        urlConnection = uri.openConnection()
            return urlConnection.contentLengthLong
        val contentLengthStr = urlConnection.getHeaderField("content-length")
        return if (contentLengthStr.isNullOrEmpty()) -1 else contentLengthStr.toLong()
    } catch (ignored: Exception) {
    } finally {
        if (urlConnection is HttpURLConnection)
    return -1
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