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Squid upgrade HTTP to HTTPS

I want to use squid to upgrade HTTP request to HTTPS using my own certificate in order to do a client handshake with a server (a reverse proxy) that requires mutual authentication.

How can I configure that in squid?

The certificate must be a CA certificate, e.g. have the CA flag and the appropriate key usage.

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    • I tried to give the ssl-bump the path to CA certificate that signed the client certificate and it's key like this : http_port 3128 ssl-bump cert=/path/to/CA-certificate.pem key=/path/to/ca-certificate.key But still have the same error
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    • first: ssl bump is not for upgrading http to https but for SSL interception (man-in-the-middle, both sides SSL). If this is what you do please show the relevant sections of your CA-certificate.pem which show that it is a CA.
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    • Thanks for your response. I don't need SSL interception, so what can i use to add a client certificate to the request. Iam new to squid

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