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SVN merge with HTTPS hangs on FreeBSD

I was asked to post it on here instead (original here)

I setup SVN and Apache, and when I do a checkout it executes normally, but whenever I try to run svn merge for some reason it just hangs.

Here is the output from my Apache access logs:

==> httpd-access.log <==
[IP_ADDRESS] - - [30/Mar/2015:10:46:47 -0400] "OPTIONS [BRANCH_PATH] HTTP/1.1" 401 381
[IP_ADDRESS] - [AUTH_USER] [30/Mar/2015:10:46:47 -0400] "OPTIONS [BRANCH_PATH] HTTP/1.1" 200 179
[IP_ADDRESS] - [AUTH_USER] [30/Mar/2015:10:46:47 -0400] "OPTIONS [BRANCH_PATH] HTTP/1.1" 200 179
[IP_ADDRESS] - [AUTH_USER] [30/Mar/2015:10:46:47 -0400] "REPORT /!svn/rvr/[REV_ID]/[BRANCH_PATH] HTTP/1.1" 200 381
[IP_ADDRESS] - - [30/Mar/2015:10:46:49 -0400] "OPTIONS [TRUNK_PATH] HTTP/1.1" 401 381
[IP_ADDRESS] - [AUTH_USER] [30/Mar/2015:10:46:49 -0400] "OPTIONS [TRUNK_PATH] HTTP/1.1" 200 179

I do have a similar setup (SVN + Apache) on another Debian Linux server, and everything works well on that end.

Let me know if you need any more information.

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