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Given the following scenario; i have 2 domains - mysite.com and deploymysite.com, mysite.com is pointed at our live server farm which is created from an image of our deploy machine.

I want to point the domain deploymysite.com at this deploy machine. I have an SSL certificate for *.mysite.com which of course does not work for deploymysite.com.

If I purchase an additional SSL certificate for this domain, is it possible in IIS (8.5) to add a separate SSL certificate for the 'same site' but have it bound to a different domain?

I'm looking at the site bindings dialog, and specifically the IP address field, wondering if it is possible to configure this with 2 SSL certs for 2 different domains for the same site?

Many Thanks

If you need it to be one site you must have one certificate with entries for both domains.

You can host multiple sites with duplicate content on a single IP by using Server Name Indication (SNI) but then they won't share state.

Alternatively you can host a redirect on the 2nd site.

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