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Subdomain SSL and redirecting

So, I have a portal type of website that I'm considering selling.

Let's for the sake of convenience, call my website www.portal.com. If I sell one of these portals, I would like them to be under the portal umbrella, and therefor have them as: client1.portal.com or if their company name is Microsoft, have it be microsoft.portal.com.

To add complexity, I would like there to be SSL on the website(s).

I'm assuming I need a wildcard SSL to facilitate all my clients as I don't want to change my certificate every time a client is added or removed.

The main question:

Is there a way that, for my client to keep their own website: www.client1.com, instead, redirect to client1.portal.com without them seeing this in their URL bar?

What do I need (incase I need to buy anything) and what is the technical term of achieving this?

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