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Export Multiple or all SSL certificates IIS

Is there a way to use appcmd, MMC or perhaps some other tool to export all IIS SSL certificates and then import them in on another server? I've used appcmd to export the bindings and the application pools, but that's it.

Specifically IIS 8 to IIS 10.

Thanks in advance.

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    • Yes, there is certainly a way to do this, you can use certutil.exe or PowerShell cmdlets to do this. First find all certificates used by your IIS, and then export them all using these tools.

Using MMC certmgr you can select all the certs you want and then right-click and Export. This exports all into a single pfx. You can then import using MMC onto a new machine.

However, IIS will not know about them and you will have to select each on in the bindings. This is where I have come unstuck....

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