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SSL certicficate for doman and subdomain

I have to enable ssl for the domain like www.domain.com and subdomain like www.subdomain.domain.com , should i get a wildcard ssl or ssl with 5 different sites?

    • Keep in mind that wildcards typically do not work for multiple levels. so *.domain.com will match www.domain.com and foo.domain.com, but fail for www.foo.domain.com.

This depends on a number of factors:

  • Will you be adding new subdomains?
    If so a wildcard cert may be for you...

  • Is it important that each site be secured separately?
    (e.g. compromising the cert for one site shouldn't compromise all of them)
    If so you don't want a wildcard certificate - you want a separate cert for each subdomain

  • Do you need an Extended Validation (EV) Certificate?
    I don't believe any SSL providers offer wildcard EV certs...

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Wildcard usually costs more, however can be deployed to multiple servers thus eliminating certification renew process for every certificate used. By eliminating I mean, removing the entire process of renewing certificate at the CA. I'm personally vote for the wildcard.

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