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SSL installed but no lock display in the web browser

I have installed SSL on a server. When I try links using https they work, but I don't see a lock. Any suggestion on the issue?


You said you're using Firefox. Right click on the page, and select View Page Info. Then click on security. What is the output?

I also like to use the OpenSSL command line to check my SSL servers:

openssl s_client -connect example.com:443
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    • Steven , when i do view page info , i see that a certificate is there . But when i run openssl command then i get return code :21 unable to verify first certificate.
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    • That error can be ignored because OpenSSL can't verify the certificate unless you specify a root store. If OpenSSL can see the certificate, it should be installed. Do you see a lock icon with an slash through it? This indicates that an image or script is being loaded from http instead of https.

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