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How to convert certificate from CA to .pfx file?

I have been struggling since last night to create a .pfx file using OpenSSL. I have been following this document and have been following the instructions under the Get a certificate using OpenSSL header.

I have also tried various things from trawling through posts but my lack of experience in this area is really impeding my efforts.

I am at the step here: openssl pkcs12 -export -out myserver.pfx -inkey myserver.key -in myserver.crt and am using the OpenSSL.exe console.

I get the error: unable to load certificates

I am using IIS 7 and purchased a certificate from Symantec. I think my problem is that my certificate starts like:

----BEGIN PKCS #7 SIGNED DATA----- and not simply -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- so the command in my walk-through is not able to deal with it.

Is this a .pb7 certificate?

I have a .key file and a .crt file. How do I create a .pfx files with the above formats?

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    • I will later, I'm not at that PC at the moment but will later. The files are located in C: empmyserver.key or C: empmyserver.crt on a laptop running Windows 7 and IIS 7. The command has those paths referenced.

To extract the certificate from the PKCS#7 container that you appear to have, run

openssl pkcs7 -in cert.p7b -print_certs -out cert.cer

Than you can use the pkcs12 command you already stated in the question to generate the PKCS#12 (pfx) container.

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    • thank you. I will try this evening. So I eould rename my .crt to .pb7? How do I then get that .cer to a .pfx?
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    • You don't have to rename it, you can use whatever name it has right now. I just used that extension for clarification which file format I mean. As for the pfx-conversion, I appended my answer above

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