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SSL certificate getting F Grade CVE-2016-2107

I am facing weird scenario. Consider the scenario very carefully plz to help solving problem.

I have 3 SSL on 3 domains x,y and z, on two different servers (both un-managed and windows servers) a and b.

x is hosted at server a while y and z are hosted at server b (with two virtual IPs).

y is (Dot-Net website so) deployed to IIS at port 443 while Both x and z are (nodejs/express sites so) running on node server at port 98.

Using Qualys SSL test Both x and y are getting A grade but z is getting F.

enter image description here

The result tells there is no protocol support. I read the docs but got no guide to improve protocol support. What I have tried is I had updated latest ssl 1.02h 3-may-2016. Still no luck.

I am stuck for two reasons.

  1. Why at same server I am getting A grade for other domain?
  2. Why on other server I am getting A with same scenario => When port, certificate installation process etc, everything is same?

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