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Failed to execute tools\android.bat: solution

When I try to open up the SDK Manager in eclipse it says opening shortly, but never opens. I've tried to open the exe file but it displays an error message saying:

Failed to execute tools\android:bat the system cannot find the file specified

My path environment variable leads it to the tools folder.

This is the path:

C:\Users\Shan\Documents\Computer Science - YEAR 2\Android App Development\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130917\sdk\tools

In my case the Tools directory just disappear.


To solve it:

1) Just go to SDK zip -> adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20131030.zip

2) Unzip the Tools Directory only.

3) copy it under ../sdk/

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I had a similar problem today. Press the Windows button and Search for android.bat(in the search programs and files text field)

Then copy the file to your android SDK folder (C:\Users\Shan\Documents\Computer Science - YEAR 2\Android App Development\adt-bundle-windows-x86-20130917\sdk\tools\).

After that don't run SDK manager but run the android.bat file.

Hope this helps


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    • For me, I already had the android.bat file inside tools folder. Right click the android.bat file and give run as administrator, it will automatically open the Android SDK Manager, then it downloads file then give install, It installing fine for me.

I had to move the AVD manager from /sdk/tools/lib to the root folder /sdk

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    • thanks. this worked for me as well. from the error message, it looks like it will try to look for android.bat in tools directory under current directory. so moving the application to sdk works.

I've been working with this problem for three days and finally was able to run SDK Manager by

==> Running the android.bat file as administrator

Note: I did not have to make any changes to the .bat file (such as setting the java_exe path) in order for the manager to run.

I saw this as a comment on the top answer but can't upvote yet, so confirming it here!

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I cancelled an update to Android Tools and it seems there's a bug with unzipping the old (or new?) version back into {android_sdk}/tools. The zip is located in {android_sdk}/temp. Just unzip it into the right location and it should work again.

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I had the same issue when updating the Android SDK Tools and SDK Platform-tools from the SDK Manager. I had to replace the tools folder with one located in a zip folder inside the temp folder.

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In My case, While I installed visual studio 2015, The SDK files were missed and I am getting an error window shown below. enter image description here

So I manually downloaded the tools from the following URL.


Then extract the zip file and copy the tools folder in the following location.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk

It worked for me.

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I had the same problem. Caused it myself because while runing Android SDK Manager i hit UNINSTALL SDK Tools.

I fixed the issue by running the installation of the Android SDK again. The installation folder had to be the same as previously. After the installation, everything was back again as it was.

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This is how I solved the problem on Windows 7:
I was going to update the SDK using Android SDK Manager but android.bat was not found because previously it uninstall the older one and then installs new. In my case my SDK Update was interrupted i.e. in other words, could not install after the SDK Manager uninstalled the tools, so my machine was not able to find android.bat. What I did was just downloaded the standalone SDK tools to the same folder where my SDK were from :


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Here are two options for downloading the Android SDK for Windows users. One in recommended option and the other is .zip file. Zip file worked well. Another option may also work. Try searching android.bat with windows search engine. If you find the one, copy it and paste in SDK tools folder.

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