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How to resize AlertDialog on the Keyboard display

I have a AlertDialog box with approximately 10 controls (text and TextView) on it. These controls are in a ScrollView with AlertDialog, plus I got 2 buttons positive and negative. The issue I have is when the soft keyboard pops up the two buttons are hidden behind the keyboard.

I was looking for something like redraw function on my inner View or the dialog box. Below is the screen shot of what I am talking about.

enter image description here

If your dialog was an activity using one of the Dialog themes you could effect this behavior by setting the adjustResize flag for the windowSoftInputMode parameter of the activity.

I'm using:


I think you can still use this flag with regular dialogs, but I'm not sure how to apply it. You may have to create your AlertDialog with a custom theme that inherits the right parent theme and also sets that flag, or you might have to use ContextThemeWrappers and stuff.

Or maybe you can just use Window#setSoftInputMode.

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    • The last line works for me, ideally i suppose that was the question here and this is the correct answer. The selected answer is more of a design change suggestion than a correct answer. +1 for the answer
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    • if you have a custom style, you can also make it an element of the style definition