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I want my RecyclerView to not recycle some items

I'm using a RecyclerView with heterogeneous views inside, as seen in this tutorial.

I have some items inside that RecyclerView that are RecyclerViews too. Too hard to imagine? Let's say I want to copy the Play Store's layout: One big RecyclerView with vertical linear layout and filled by many elements: Single apps and carousel of apps.

If the item to add is the layout for a single app then ID 1 will be used and I will add the layout for a single item. Else, if I need to add a Carousel then I will add one element to the main RecyclerView: Another RecyclerView with its own adapter.

That works very well. Except when you scroll the main RecyclerView. Why? Because some views are being destroyed when no more visible and then recreated in the onBindViewHolder() method. Why here? Because the Adapter of the main RecyclerView is passing for the position X and then calls OnBindViewHolder(). The latter then creates a new RecyclerView with its own adapter and assigns it to it. I'd like to keep those views just because they are heavy to reinflate every time.

Is this possible? If so, can you tell me how?

Use this:

recyclerView.getRecycledViewPool().setMaxRecycledViews(TYPE_CAROUSEL, 0);

This will not recycle any view of viewType TYPE_CAROUSEL but if the item count of this type is very high, then it will reduce your performance significantly, maybe even cause OOMEs


After reading MML13's answer, I think it might work for you. You are worried about items of your carousel being reinflated when that view is rebinded in outer RecyclerView. If all those carousel's are of same type, i.e., they all use same adapter, you can keep the adapter inside outer RecyclerView's ViewHolder, and just swap out data and call notifyDataSetChanged() or notifyItemRangeChanged(...) on this adapter when it's rebinded. This will recycle all carousel views and all views inside those carousels.

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Because some views are being destroyed when no more visible and then recreated in the onBindViewHolder() method.

It is not true, they are not created again, they just rebind. if you have a view for position X (in scrap or recycler) RecyclerView is going to use that and rebind it.

I'd like to keep those views just because they are heavy to reinflate every time.

The main RecyclerView keeps those for you. You only need to change the adapter data of your second RecyclerView and call notifyDataSetChanged. Also store your second RecyclerView adapter inside the viewHolder of your main RecyclerView.

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You can add in your adapter:

public void onBindViewHolder(final CommentViewHolder viewHolder, final int position) {

Informs the recycler whether this item can be recycled. Views which are not recyclable will not be reused for other items until setIsRecyclable() is later set to true. Calls to setIsRecyclable() should always be paired (one call to setIsRecyclabe(false) should always be matched with a later call to setIsRecyclable(true)). Pairs of calls may be nested, as the state is internally reference-counted.

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Set the below line in your activity


set Below Code in RecyclerViewAdapter class

    public int getItemViewType(int position) {
        return 1;
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My code is working for reset UI in recycleview.

public class BooleanViewHolder extends BaseViewHolder<ConfigItemBoolean> {
    private SwitchCompat configBoolean;

    BooleanViewHolder(View view) {
        configBoolean = view.findViewById(R.id.enable_config_boolean);
        configBoolean.setOnCheckedChangeListener((buttonView, isChecked) -> {
            ((ConfigItemBoolean) getItem(getAdapterPosition())).setValue(isChecked);
            DataSet.mConfigDataSet.getConfigItemBooleanMap().put(configPairList.get(getAdapterPosition()).first, ((ConfigItemBoolean) getItem(getAdapterPosition())));

    void bind(ConfigItemBoolean item, String key) {

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