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Can anyone explain (or point me to a link that explains) the difference between state_activated, state_selected, state_pressed, and state_focused for ListView items? Are they all valid states for ListViews? Does it matter if touch or a keyboard are being used? This link no longer seems to be valid.

Many thanks!

  • state_selected is used when an item is selected using a keyboard/dpad/trackball/etc.
  • state_activated is used when View.setActivated(true) is called. This is used for "persistent selection" (see Settings on tablet for instance)
  • state_pressed is used when the user is pressing the item either through touch or a keyboard or a mouse
  • state_focused is used if the item is marked focusable and it receives focus either through the user of a keyboard/dpad/trackball/etc. or if the item is focusable in touch mode
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    • Does "state_activated" get used on other cases? for example, what is used when making a multiple-selection on a listView ? What is the difference between using "state_activated" and "state_checked" ?
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    • I was wondering, I am going to be using activated for highlighting one item in a list view, but does it set the activate for other list items to false ... if not do either of these do that so I do not have to find the other activated child item and set activation to false?