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I'm currently running the latest version of Android Studio, v3.2.1. The virtual devices available only go up to the Pixel 2 (and the XL version). These do not suffice since I mainly need to test on the new Google Pixel 3 XL, due to its notch.

enter image description here

Is it possible to get the new Pixel 3 (and XL version) loaded into Android Studio's emulators for testing?

To add a notch in the emulator, choose any device with Android Pie system image (9.0). Build it, then go to Settings > System > expand 'Advanced' > Developer options > 'Drawing' section > 'Simulate a display with a cutout' on the emulator.

You can use it until they add the official skin

enter image description here

*NOTE: The 'Developer' option is not shown by default on Android phones. Please see the Android Documentation to learn out how to enable it.

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To save other's some searching, here's the configuration necessary for a custom Pixel 3 XL hardware profile:

Device Type: Phone/Tablet
Screen Size: 6.3 inch
Resolution: 1440x2960 px
RAM: 8192 MB
Has Hardware Buttons: false
Has Hardware Keyboard: false
Navigation Style: none
Supported Device States: Portrait=true, Landscape=true
Cameras: Back-facing=true, Front-facing=true
Sensors: Accelerometer=true, Gyroscope=true, GPS=true, Proximity=true
Default Skin: No Skin

enter image description here

Then you can enable the notch developer option mentioned by Mohamed Saber and you should have a pretty accurate representation of a Pixel 3 XL. ?

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