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How to change GENYMOTION screen orientation?

Is it possible to change the orientation of the genymotion emulator? Is there a shotcut or setting to change this?

I've tried to google it but have not find it. Any suggestion would be appreciated,thank you.

Two ways :

  • Button in the sidebar
  • CTRL + F11

Edit : And if it does not work, it's surely because the application in foreground is orientation locked.

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    • True - on Mac it's Cmd+F11. However, there seems to be a bug where emulator window orientation is not in sync with android's orientation. Not sure how to reach this state, but I've managed to 'fix' it by restarting the emulator.

When device rotates after pressing vibration-like icon, this icon disappears preventing the device from rotating back from landscape to portrait. My solution for this is:

  1. Open genymotion shell and
  2. type rotation setangle 180 (user guide documentation)

This will return device again to landscape. I just tried it.

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In landscape mode, the Rotate screen button does not appear (for some devices at least) and the CMD + F11 (for mac) did not work for me. I solved this with the following steps:

  1. from landscape, click the Home button (go back to the home screen)

  2. on home screen, press CMD + F11 (for mac)

  3. relaunch the app from the genymotion emulator, this should restore the portrait mode.

Hope this helps someone.

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