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Datacenters in Angola / Africa

I'm not sure if this is SF-appropriate but I've a client that wants to open his websites to the African market (specially Angola), the problem is that the websites that are served by our American / European servers are terribly slow when accessed from African locations, even with a 3.6Mbps Internet connection.

I'm guessing the low speed is due to the geographic distance but I'm not entirely sure.

I've been searching for a while (on Google and on Yellow Pages) for African data centers but I can't find anything that will let us host / rent a dedicated server, and I'm wondering if anyone has the same problem and most importantly, how did you solved it?

Some (fast) Websites that I know of:

Here are the websites of 3 datacenters in South Africa:




The last one seems to advertise what you're looking for.

To clear up your sapo example: they are actually hosting that domain from Portugal.

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    • @gekkz: Thanks, regarding the sapo example: we also have server in Portugal but our webpages take almost one minute to load in Africa while sapo is pretty damn fast. Do you have any idea why?
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    • This is most likely related to the connectivity you have versus the connectivity sapo uses. It's all about peerings, and in places with poor connectivity it can make a 50milisec or more difference to be connected to the right peer. Do some trace routes from various locations and see what ISPs data gets routed through.

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