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That server will be a killer for Asterisk, you can expect over 5k+ concurrent calls without degradation, although on this scenario if you use some advanced codec (G729 for example) the CPU will be your limit.

Have a look at this very good document about Asterisk dimensioning, lots of very useful info there http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+dimensioning

Also Transnexus have a very good paper on CPU vs memory performance for concurrent calls http://www.transnexus.com/White%20Papers/asterisk_V1-4-11_performance.htm

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    • I assume lynxman means when dealing with voip streams. Terminating POTS/ISDN on the same device will have a variable impact on capacity depending on the hardware used.
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    • Yes indeed, I'm assuming SIP by default since he didn't specify any additional hardware used on his setup :)
    • If your ISDN hardware doesn't require kernel module acceleration (those for example would be the USB ones you see lately on the market) then definitely it'll handle the traffic, just make sure your hardware is one of the recommended ones in the isdn4linux project (isdn4linux.de)

We are having a same setup,but with 6GB of RAM. Which is connected to a PRI line. The box is handling almost 4000 call per day including human attending and IVR

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