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How can I diagnose and speed up slow Linux puppet sync?

I'm running puppet and it functions okay, but it's taking about 15 minutes on a sync without any changes, and it seems to me that this shouldn't take more than a minute or two. Here are some stats:

  • ping 40ms
  • 49 files, 3 MB, largest is 90K
  • master is Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) w/ puppet 2.7.11
    • (upgrading to puppet 2.7.23 didn't help)
  • agent is Debian 7/64 w/ puppet version 2.7.23
  • server is serving one client, only

I have tried with and without Apache tunnel/WEBrick/passenger with the same results.

What are some strategies for diagnosing this and and improving on the sync time?

UPDATE: In my case, in addition to the selected answer for using the --evaltrace option, I used strace and found that TCP connections were timing out and that my firewall was rate-limiting. (Why puppet didn't report the timeout and why it’s not reusing the connection, I don’t know.)

The most direct approach is running the agent with the --evaltrace flag like

puppet agent --test --evaltrace

This will give you a good idea of which resources are the most expensive.

For your large files, you may want to experiment with different checksum alternatives.

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    • Okay, so why is this so slow? It's only 12Kb. /Stage[main]/Mailmxbackup/File[mailmxbackup-mailman-aliases.db]: Evaluated in 31.29 seconds
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    • Ugh, no clue. Is the inode of any directory in its path unusually large? (I.e., has the directory grown beyond usual proportions at some point)? That will slow down Linux file operations drastically.
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    • Ack! I found it. Shorewall was rate-limiting. I edited the question to remove the unrelated symptoms.

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