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I recently installed Squid on my desktop machine for testing purposes. I didn't edit the config whatsoever, and just pointed firefox at the proxy to see if it was working.

Pages take an insanely long time to load, and sometimes just load forever. I don't mean for example, 10 second page loads. I mean 10 MINUTE page loads, or more.

I have Googled around and added 2 lines to my config:

dns_v4_first on

and these have not helped whatsoever.

Is there any reason this could be happening?

For reference, my desktop machine is running Arch Linux on a quad core 3Ghz i5 and 16GB of RAM.

I have solved this on my own after a bunch more research. I had a rewrite script set that I forgot I set, and said script was crashing on 90% of URLs. Fixing the script fixed this issue.

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