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Impact of using thinpool on LVM performance

Using LVM, what are the performance implications of using thinpool on an logical volume?

In normal operation, none. When snapshots are brought into the mix, thin provisioned LVs perform a lot better.

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    • If you have a more specific question to ask, you should ask that as a new question, rather than try to expand the scope of your question in a comment on an answer.
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    • In normal operation, none -- How can this be true? There is an additional lookup of the block map in the meta volume for starters. How (metrics, measures) does thin-provisioning make performance a lot better with snapshots?

It depends of type of drive below it. When that's a ssd drive (where random access is simmilar to linear access) - there will be no difference. When using snapshot - there can be some performance boost. But - if there is a magnetic drive(where random access is much slower than linear access) - there will be some performance loss because of jumps to different areas of disk.

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